Rwandan Partners




African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) is a Christian and non‐political organization. AEE was started in 1984 and has grown to a team of 150 staff and 8 offices countrywide. AEE‐Rwanda implements youth projects for the most vulnerable children including street children to rehabilitate their lives, reunite them with their family, support them with vocational skills training and also facilitate them to seek for employment or create their own jobs



Asoferwa Association was created in September 1994, by a group of Rwandan women under the name of ASOFERWA (Association de Solidarité des Femmes Rwandaise). ASOFERWA’s mission consists of promoting national reconciliation by encouraging the socio‐economical rehabilitation of vulnerable groups.



ATEDEC, or Action Technique pour un Developpement Communautaire, is a project designed to educate OVCs in computer applications, maintenance, repair, and use of technological tools to help them create jobs and improve livelihood.  ATEDEC focuses its efforts on OVCs in certain neighborhoods of Kigali where many youth are suffering from unemployment, delinquency, and drug abuse.  In partnership with AKAZI KANOZE, their training will help this group of youth gain jobs in the blossoming market niche of computer maintenance and repair, as well as photography and design through use of technological tools.  Ultimately ATEDEC intends their project to contribute to solving unemployment-related problems such as robbery, alcoholism, and the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.



AVSI’s mission is to support children and youth in distressed conditions.
AVSI focuses on the provision of holistic support to OVCs and caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS in the areas of psychosocial support, education, economic support, health care, domestic care and assistance, and shelter renovations/construction. AVSI has identified the area of Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) as a key factor for development of youth in RWANDA.

Working with the AKAZI KANOZE project has helped AVSI to strengthen its programs with OVCs by adding a livelihood development component to its activities. AVSI’s recruited youth have been trained in the Work Readiness Skills. Besides the Work Readiness Skills, AVSI offers services in guidance, counselling, psychosocial support, and life skills. AVSI also provides entrepreneurship training.



Bamporeze’s mission is to facilitate and promote the exchange of information, resources, knowledge, and skills among different stakeholders in Rwandan society and the international donor community to foster mutual support and cooperation in order to achieve sustainable development of youth, especially Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs).

Under AKAZI KANOZE, Bamporeze will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum. Other complementary trainings such as masonry, carpentry, hair dressing, and trade of agriculture products will be provided. Bamporeze will place youth in internship programs to help them acquire work experience.



Benimpuhwe is a laic non‐profit organization working to promote socio‐economic among vulnerable groups. Since its creation in 1988, the organization seeks to eradicate poverty among most vulnerable social groups, with an emphasis on young girls, women, and children.


Business Design Supplying and Services Ltd

BDSS  came into existence in 2007 with specific objectives of addressing the need in ICT experts and supporting public and private institutions, as well as individuals, to integrate ICT in their daily business.  In partnership with AKAZI KANOZE, BDSS will train youth in computer hardware, software systems, professional photography and video shooting, work readiness, marketing and sales, and English.  BDSS aims to increase the employability, entrepreneurship skills, economic independence, self-reliance, and confidence of youth.



Camara is a non‐profit organization created in 2002 that uses technology to enhance the quality of education in socially‐deprived schools in Rwanda. They do that by establishing low cost E‐Learning Centers within schools, by training teachers to obtain critical technological skills which help them maintain centers. Camara also offers technical maintenance and end of life recycling of computers to partner schools.



CEFOTRAR is a recognised vocational training center with training equipments and several classrooms. The main vocational activities carried out in the center include: welding, masonry, carpentry, and sewing.

Under AKAZI KANOZE, CEFOTRAR will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum. Complementary  vocational trainings such as masonry, welding, and carpentry will be taught to youth. Youth will benefit from a one month internship program. Furthermore, youth will be provided with start-up kits to start their own businesses.



COATB is a construction based cooperative. The main purpose of the organization is as follows:  

  •       Strenghening the  coordination of the livelihoods of masons
  •       Promoting construction as the most decent job in Rwanda and creating access to jobs towards masons and mason helpers
  •       Training youth in construction domain and providing a literacy education to illiterate members for more access to job
  •       Reinforcing solidarity and advocacy among masons in Rwanda

Youth will be trained in the Work Readiness Curriculum, with hands-on experience on construction sites. Youth who have completed the Work Readiness Curriculum will be able to obtain paid internships as masons.



COOJAD is a youth micro-finance institution recognized by the Rwanda National Bank. COOJAD works in promoting youth’s entrepreneurship and allows youth to obtain sustainable livelihoods. COOJAD has the mandate to:

  •       Help promote and facilitate youth in innovation and  entrepreneurship activities;
  •       Help youth to save income;
  •       Contribute to youth capacity building in management of small businesses;
  •       Support youth to contribute to the national plan of poverty reduction;

COOJAD’s partnership with AKAZI KANOZE focuses in providing the Work Readiness Curriculum to youth along with entrepreneurship and loan management trainings which will enable youth to have easier access to loans. Youth will be placed into internship opportunities. Trained youth will also be encouraged to develop seven bankable projects which will enable them to run their own businesses.



CSDI works with vulnerable youth in organizing Income Generating Activities (IGAs).

Apart from the Work Readiness Curriculum, CSDI will train youth in electrical appliances. Youth will be placed into internship opportunities and given electrical tool-kits, with coaching to help them obtain jobs.


Esther's Aid for Needy and Abandoned Children

Esther's Aid is an international non-profit organization. Esther’s Aid responds to the needs of orphaned children, vulnerable girls, the poor, and the outcast. Esther’s Aid has a center where young girls learn different vocational activities such as sewing, catering, and basic literacy.

Through the partnership with AKAZI KANOZE, Esther’s Aid will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum. Besides the Work Readiness Curriculum, youth will be trained in catering, bakery, and sewing. Graduates of the Esther’s Aid program will be placed into different internships to acquire work experience.


Frontiers Great Lakes

Frontiers Great Lakes is a private consulting company in leadership and youth development. In the pilot phase of the project, Frontiers Great Lakes supported AKAZI KANOZE in the implementation of the Work Readiness Curriculum.

The company offers ongoing services in coaching and mentorship to trainers on the field.
Frontiers Great Lakes will implement the Work Readiness Curriculum to vulnerable youth and interns from the Ministry of Labor.


Jeunesse Ouvriere Chretienne

JOC is an organization that works for the creation of a society in which youth are guaranteed a quality and accessible education that allows them access to fair and dignified work, as well as assisting them in becoming upstanding members of society in diverse spectrums of life.    In partnership with AKAZI KANOZE, JOC will train youth in mechanics, carpentry, and hairdressing.


Karisimbi Garage

KARISIMBI Garage has started up in 1998 as a Garage and mechanics training center. The company operates across the country as a garage and mechanics training center with emphasis to the population of Kigali. KARISIMBI garage has a training center recognized by WDA and is known as an internship provider with a capacity to accommodate more that 100 youth within the garage.



KORA focuses in teaching youth vocational skills in carpentry, welding, sewing, hair dressing, and electronics.

Under AKAZI KANOZE, KORA will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum and will offer additional training in welding, carpentry, and hair dressing. After the Work Readiness Curriculum, youth will be placed in cooperatives.


Lions Club

Lions Club is a local non‐profit making organization affiliated to Lions Club International for the past 50 years ago. In Rwanda, Lions Club carried out charity activities and supports youth, specifically women and girls to improve their livelihoods through different trainings.



MAXIMEDIA is a business providing IT, design and printing solutions to its clients. It has created an IT education center for vulnerable populations.

MAXIMEDIA creates and delivers innovative programs to underserved population in Rwanda. The organization offers a broad range of technology based services that aim to allow underserved groups to take advantage of the educational and economic opportunities created by information technology. MAXIMEDIA runs a program which offers computer classes to community residents of all ages and background. However, youth remains their primary stakeholders.

Under AKAZI KANOZE, MAXIMEDIA will provide training to youth on the Work Readiness Curriculum and will offer additional training in ICT along with traffic code courses. Recruited youth will also undergo a one month internship in ICT practices.



Rwanda Youth Parliament (PAJER) was founded in 2000 by a group of Rwandan youth who were inspired by the spirit of transforming Rwandan young generation to promote peace, reconciliation, dialogue, and debate in a health manner. PAJER has many experiences in empowering cooperatives to gain good management skills, improve on the quality and quantity of their products, and good governance.

AKAZI KANOZE is working with PAJER to train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum and Village Saving and Loan (VSL) approaches. The partnership will assist youth to start small businesses.


SOS-Village D’Enfants

SOS is a non-governmental institution. The organization invests in the future of youth through education.  

Under the partnership, SOS will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum, ICT, and business English classes. Youth will be placed into different internship opportunities after the completion of the Work Readiness Curriculum.


Strive Foundation

Strive Foundation is committed to serving OVCs and OVCs’ care givers, youth, PLHA, and MARPs of HIV. Strive foundation also focuses on economic empowerment, gender based violence, and environmental protection.

Under the partnership between AKAZI KANOZE, the Strive Foundation will train youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum and will train youth in liquid soap making. Trained youth will be organized into cooperatives and will be given start-up kits to start producing soaps.


Source Vive

Source Vive is non-profit making organization aiming at promoting the welfare of young carpenters in Rwanda. It is made up of 160 cooperatives of carpenters with the main activities focusing on wood transformation into house equipment for construction materials.



UTEXRWA is a textile industry that employs more than 500 youth in different activities. It has the capacity of offering more than 300 internships to youth every year.

Under the partnership with AKAZI KANOZE, UTEXRWA trained youth in the Work Readiness Curriculum and sericulture. Trained youth were placed in silk farming cooperatives, a growing market supported by the Government of Rwanda.


YES Rwanda

YES Rwanda is part of the Youth Employment Systems Global Youth Campaign. It has a mission of building the capacity of youth to attain skills for employability and job creation for sustainable livelihoods.

AKAZI KANOZE will support YES Rwanda to improve the livelihoods of youth through the Work Readiness Curriculum, hospitality services, and entrepreneurship training.